Kicking off the summer with #craftcooler pics

Over the long weekend, we asked our Instagram fans to show us their #craftcooler. And sure enough, rain or shine, these folks were geared up for some serious day-drinking. From summer crushers to those hard-to-get, share-worthy gems, we had submissions from around the country, and even Europe. We even saw someone breaking out their first test batch for a new commercial brewery. Pretty cool stuff. 

Thanks to everyone who participated, for fun or sport. One lucky pick got some free GBH swag — congrats to @Shan_shannie, that pics was stellar. If you don't already follow us on Instagram, you should. That's where we have the most fun. More contests to come!

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Isaac Adler

Isaac Adler

Isaac is a voracious Instagrammer, with an appetite for great beer and food experiences. He helps us create fun new ways of engaging our audiences on social media, and helps us see the world through the eyes of our biggest fans.

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