Good Beer Hunting

Uppers & Downers — 2014 Event Series

Last year, Good Beer Hunting and Intelligentsia Coffee launched a collaboration exploring the intersection of coffee and beer making called Uppers & Downers. See the whole story >>

For 2014, we're going to dive deeper into the thinking and processes behind the much-loved but under-explored beer style of the coffee beer. The Uppers & Downers series of events will provide hands-on education and experiences for homebrewers and aficionados in the lead-up to the main event tentatively scheduled for September in Chicago. (stay tuned)

Join us for some, or all, of the events and enjoy the Uppers & Downers journey with the rest of us. 

A complete tour of the Intelligentsia Roastery on Chicago's west side with a hands-on roasting experience and tasting:

  • Take home three different coffee roasts to experiment with
  • Taste a prototype carbonated iced coffee brew on draft!
  • Donuts from Stan's


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An amazing coffee sensory experience lead by one of Intelligentsia's earliest direct trade pioneers, Geoff Watts. Learn about coffee growing regions, the organic chemistry of flavor, and the wide variety of aromas.

  • Taste different origins, elevations, methods
  • Try a variety of local brewers' experiments with coffee
  • Virtue Cider + Madcap coffee-cherry steeped cider
  • 5 Rabbit + Gaslight Coffee Yodo con Leche coffee milk stout 


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Get hands-on with a variety of coffee extraction methods that can provide different results for coffee beer making. 

Blend and taste the results in a range of beers and ciders that explore the outer edges of the style, far beyond the common coffee stout.

Short presentations by brewers who have explored the style in new ways. 


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Sample and vote on coffee beers that have graduated from the Uppers & Downers series of events. Help us pick a "People's Choice" winner that will go on to pour alongside out official category champions at the Uppers & Downers main event in the fall. 

Bring a bottle of your favorite coffee beer or homebrew to share if you'd like!

Read contest guidelines and submit for entry here >>


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