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Isaac Adler

Isaac is a voracious Instagrammer, with an appetite for great beer and food experiences. He helps us create fun new ways of engaging our audiences on social media, and helps us see the world through the eyes of our biggest fans.

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Jeff Alworth

Jeff Alworth lives and drinks in Portland, Oregon, and has been writing professionally for over 15 years. His passion has taken him all over the world where he’s collected insight and know-how for a number of books, including “Brewing the World's Classic Styles: Advice From the Pros,” his comprehensive guide to beer, “The Beer Bible,” and soon, a wonderful introduction to another fermented cousin, cider called “Cider Made Simple.”

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Emily Berman


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Max Blau

Max Blau is a journalist who lives in Atlanta. The light from the unnecessarily large Kroger sign on Ponce used to shine into his apartment at night. He never thought he would miss that stark white glow. He’s now headed to Publix.

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Stepahnie Byce

Stephanie is a writer and photographer focused on Midwestern beer. She found her way to Chicago from Northern Wisconsin. When not hiding behind a camera lens or hunched over a laptop working on her blog, The Girl and Her Beer, she often finds herself in Montreal—or on the back stairwell of her apartment building, drinking with her cat.

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Jeff Cagle


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Matthew Curtis

Matthew Curtis is a British beer writer and photographer based in London, England, giving GBH a unique perspective on the British Craft Beer scene.

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Doug Dayhoff

Doug is President of Upland Brewing Co. based on Bloomington, Indiana. Upland operates a regionally distributed production brewery and a brewery focused on wood-aged sour ales, as well as 4 award-winning retail pubs. Doug recieved his BA in philosophy in 1992, was a Finance Manager at GE, and an associate professor at Indiana University's Kelley School of Business before leaving to purchase Upland Brewing Co. in 2006 with other investors. Upland was originally started in 1998.

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Jason Diamond

Jason Diamond was born in Skokie, Illinois just before Ronald Reagan took office, although he remembers absolutely nothing about the Carter administration. He grew up in the Chicagoland area and moved to New York in his early 20s, but loves both places equally and with all of his heart. He's written for The New York Times, The Paris Review, Esquire, Harper's Bazaar, The Wall Street Journal, New Republic, and Vice among many others. He's currently the sports editor at Rolling Stone. His memoir, Searching For John Hughes, was released in November of 2016

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Dave Eisenberg


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Ann Friedman

Ann Friedman is a freelance journalist, columnist for New York magazine, and co-host of the podcast Call Your Girlfriend.

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The GBH Collective

At GBH, we never drink alone. Our growing network of talented writers, photographers, and designers, sought out and curated by GBH Founder, Michael Kiser, aims to create the most compelling and insightful stories in beer.

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Tobias Göth

Tobias is an art director and photographer from north Sweden who has pursued his passion for craft beer across the globe. In his role as a craft beer consultant he helps breweries and others in building both strong brands and bold flavors.

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Oliver Gray

Oliver is a graduate of the John Hopkins Nonfiction Writing program, and his blog, Literature and Libation, won the NAGBW award for "best blog" three years running. He's also an IT dork who lives in Maryland with four women, two of which are feline. Always a fan of adverbial introductory phrases, he also has a penchant for all things British, like grammar, Jaguars, and cask mild.

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Chris Herron

Chris is the CEO of Creature Comforts Brewig in Athens, Georgia, a role he took on in 2014 after leaving his position as Finance Director for the Open States, National Accounts, and Military Spirits and Wines at Diageo.

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Bill Holland


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Jake Hukee

Jake is a street photographer and graphic designer based in Chicago. For the past five years he's been gallivanting across America, and as as far away as the Austrian Alps, to find new subjects to shoot.

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Khris Johnson

Khris is the founding brewer for Green Bench Brewing Co. in St. Petersberg, Florida. Before that he worked for Cigar City Brewing and two years at Southern Brewing and Winemaking.

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Kyle Kastranec

Kyle is designer in Columbus, Ohio, telling authentic stories through branding and marketing. He was born and raised in northeast Ohio, and is a die-hard Cleveland sports fan.

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Breandán Kearney

Breandán is a co-founder of Belgian Smaak. He was named Beer Writer of the Year 2015 by the British Guild of Beer Writers. He was also named Best Young Beer Writer 2015 and Best Beer and Food Writer 2015. He is a Certified Cicerone® and an accredited beer sommelier through the UK Institute of Brewing & Distilling as well as a certified ‘algemene bierkenner’ from CVO Panta Rhei in Ghent. He has studied brewing (theory and lab) in Ghent. Breandán is Co-Founder and Brewer at Siphon Brewing, a microbrewery on the grounds of a four-generation-old family restaurant in Damme.

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Michael Kiser

Michael is the founder of Good Beer Hunting. He travels the globe — writing, shooting, and collaborating with breweries of all shapes and sizes. This site is his chronicle of a life in beer as he witnesses the cultural explosion first-hand and finds the people, places, and products with amazing stories.

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Nate Micklos

Nate Micklos is a GBH contributor focused on economics and marketing, drawing expertise from his MBA and previous role as the U.S. brand manager of Pacifico beer. He recently relocated to Seattle from his hometown Chicago and currently works as a Senior Manager at

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Evan Rail

Originally from California, Evan is a long-term resident of Prague, where he writes and researches travel, food, and drink, mostly for the New York Times, as well as other publications. He generally covers central and eastern Europe, but also places like England, Italy, France, and Switzerland.

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Austin L. Ray

Austin lives in Atlanta with his wife and two dogs, working for MailChimp by day and other folks by night and weekend. He writes The Georgia Brewsletter, likes weird beer, black t-shirts with white print, stand-up comedy, pit bulls, fancy socks, and nice people.

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Luke Robertson

Luke is originally from small town New Zealand, and has lived in Melbourne, Australia for almost 10 years working for a media company in all things operational and content creation/capture. He's also one of the creators of Ale of a Time.

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Matthew Rogers


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Bryan Roth

Bryan Roth is a writer living in Durham, North Carolina, who's been recognized by the North American Guild of Beer Writers with a "best blog" award for his site, This is Why I'm Drunk.

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Matthew Sampson

Matt is a self-taught photographer and PhD chemist currently working at Argonne National Lab. He just returned home to the Midwest after a five-year stint in San Diego for grad school. It was there where his love for beer and craft beer culture formed. In addition to his storytelling, Matt is also GBH's studio photographer for our e-commerce and special projects.

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Mike Sardina

Mike is a GBH storyteller who reports on the West Coast, most specifically his hometown of San Diego and his home state of California. Mike is the "Ruler of the Underworld" at Societe Brewing Company, where he does a little bit of everything for the brewery. Mike also currently serves as the President of the San Diego Brewers Guild.

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Hillary Schuster


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Chris Scott

Chris Scott writes, gardens, and bakes pies in Washington, DC. He writes for The Observer and occasionally reviews movies he hasn't actually seen. You should follow him on Twitter.

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Cory Smith

Cory Smith is a creative director and photographer based in Brooklyn. He got his start shooting fashion as well as concerts in the New York area and festivals abroad. After covering the music scene for years, he decided to turn his lens to his other passion, craft beer. Combining his passion for travel and beer has taken him throughout the US and internationally to places like Sweden, Denmark and Iceland.

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Mark Spence

Mark is a theater producer in Chicago. He helps lead the Bruised Orange Theater Company, and helps create the I Saw You Series. He also is the co-creator and director of the Laarsen's podcast. He's been an avid homebrewer for years. He was first features as our Hunter/Gatherer #14.

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Andrew Thiboldeaux


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Blake Tyers

Blake Tyers spent years in Atlanta’s film industry as a motion picture stills photographer, shooting shows like The Walking Dead and Halt and Catch Fire. But photography took a backseat when he started making beer for Creature Comforts Brewing Co. These days, he’s the brewery’s GABF-medal winning Wood Cellar and Specialty Brand Manager.

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Max Wastler


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Content Summaries

About the Podcast

The GBH podcast is devoted to using craft beer as a bridge between other types of businesses, craft-oriented cultures, and what we eat and drink. Interviews with brewers, aficionados, and makers of all types with one thing in common – a fascination with what's happening in craft beer. Recorded at GBH Studios in Chicago, Illinois.

About b-Roll

b-Roll captures the little moments that happen along this incredible beer journey of mine. It’s behind the scenes, around the corner, and up in your grill. It's more of what beer and craft looks like — from the center of the movement.

About Sightlines

Beer is one of the most dynamic industries in the world. Nearly everyday, something happens that hints at a possible future that none of us could have predicted. It's a business, it's a culture, it's constantly changing. This is us keeping up.


We form partnerships with ambitious, creative people all over the world to help inspire curiosity and a sense of explroation in food and beverage. We love bringing people into the GBH fold as much as we love supporting them in their own visions. These collaborations are how we become more than the sum of our parts.

Critical Drinking

Beer is so much more than what's in the bottle for the men and women who make it and sell it. There are real livelihoods at stake, and they spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about the industry they serve. These are their forward-looking thoughts, and their critical thinking on what's happening now.


We aim to create events that inspire the industry and its consumers alike. From small, intimate gatherings, to larger, compelling experiences for craft beer's most important audiences, GBH and its partners are continuously re-inventing the craft beer narrative.

GBH in Residence

Sometimes to get the real story, you have to go beyond the brewery tour and the tasting room, and literally join the crew in their daily grind. For the Residence series, GBH spends a day or two working alongside brewers, cidermakers, cellarmen and delivery drivers. It's what the craft industry looks like on its own terms.

House Culture

They say beer is responsible for civilization. These essays are our way of intersecting with the larger world of storytelling and criticism that makes the observed life worth drinking.

Perfect Pour

Every beer, no mater how humble, has a platonic ideal. And depending on the context, you might just get the perfect pour. This series is devoted to those moments in which we feel we may have discovered the perfect time, place, and people with which a beer's best life has been lived.


Inspired by master internet curator, Jessica Stanley, Read.Look.Drink. captures the most inspiring and thought-provoking content that burrowed into the mind of The GBH collective this past month. Great reads, stunning images, and beers that chart new territory submitted from our network across the US and Europe.

Drinking alone just got better. Because now you're drinking with all of us.

Sightline Features

Elaborting on the implications of big plays, smart moves, and otherwise curious indicators of a possible future for the craft and business of beer-making


Wherever there's a house devoted to the craft, GBH will find them. Big and small, near and far, old school and avant garde, they all play a role in the next generation of beer.

The Cultivated Beer

GBH goes to the source in this new series, starting with hop farms, and soon venturing in to the grain, fruit, and even the water that goes in to your beer. As the industry grows, these become more than ingredients, they become relationships. And that's how you cultivate a beer.

The Hustle

Keep up with the business of GBH as we help re-invent breweries, kick off great new projects, and annouce exciting collaborations. Our growing team of strategists, designers, videographers, and producers are insatiable.

Travel Stories

Beer is a global culture — often the only passport you need to to see a people and a place for who they truly are. GBH's travels take you deeper than a brewery tour, or a night out on the town — we connect with the influencers in the local brewing scene, capture their stories, and show you how the future of beer is shaping up, on a global scale.


Some beers really are about more than what's in the bottle. These stories share the impact, origin story, or spirit of a beer you may already love, but know almost nothing about. These are the beers that inspire us in more ways that one.

Uppers & Downers

World Barista Champion, Stephen Morrissey + Michael Kiser of Good Beer Hunting have been working with some of the most creative brewers and roasters in the country to create and showcase innovative coffee beers, and bring together two of our most progressive craft cultures. Through a series of festivals, educational and competitive events, the series has inspired some amazing creations that explore the edges of our collective palates, technical knowledge, and artistry.


With some stories you only get once chance to do it right. So we don't worry about keeping it short or "going viral," because capturing the in-depth stories of breweries past and present requries a narative approach. And the only limit on the attention of today's online audinces is the value of the story being told.