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The Stories
Adding to the Years — The Second Annual Goodbeerbuckshot Weekend at Camp Wandawega

“A man does not die of love or his liver or even of old age; he dies of being a man.” — Miguel de Unamuno

Last year’s modest experiment has become a real collaborative endeavor between Good Beer Hunting, Max Wastler of Buckshot Sonny’s Sporting Goods, and Camp Wandawega. It’s the biggest event they throw every year, and not just in terms of attendees. For two autumns now, a group of happy men have arrived at Camp Wandawega in Elkhorn, Wisconsin for a weekend of revelry, full of good food and beer, with only the days ahead to consider — knowing that these days would be largely what they made of them. 

Whisky without the "e" — And other key learnings about Scotch at GBH Studio

Georgina from the Scotch Malt Whisky Society embarked on her second national tour of the US recently, and although I wasn't quite ready to open the doors of the GBH Studio, I wasn't going to miss a chance to host her and her wonderful Scotches again.



The Brotherhood of the Barrel — a Collaboration with Two Brothers and Solemn Oath

A collaboration between myself, Jim and Jason Ebel of Two Brothers Brewing Co. and John and Joe Barley of Solemn Oath Brewery — exploring the dark arts of barrel aged beers, and the family business between these two sets of brewing brothers. 

Chicago Beer, Past & Present on the Brooklyn Brewery Mash Tour

The Brooklyn Brewery hit the road this year with an ambitious collection of events aiming to bring attention to the many facets of America's craft brew scene, as well as benefit Slow Food USA and its chapters across the country. The Mash Tour, as it's known, took place in 11 cities, including Chicago, looking for "adventures in food, film, music, books & beer." As part of a week-long presence in Chicago, the closing event was dedicated to Chicago's brewing past, present, and future with myself and Bill Savage, one of our best local historians and author of Chicago by Day and Night, "a resurrected 1892 guide to Chicago’s entertainment nooks and crannies offered to tourists and travelers who flocked to Chicago by the hundreds of thousands for the World’s Columbian Exhibition." LOOK AT THIS >>

Uppers & Downers — The Future of Coffee Beers and a Fresh Hot Brew from GBH + Intelligentsia

A new coffee beer event series takes off between Good Beer Hunting and Intelligentsia Coffee. Starting in Pasadena, California with a host of eminent and upstart brewers, this night united two cultures, and two cities, around an exciting new exploration in the dark arts of brewing coffee and beer. LOOK AT THIS >>

Taking Apartment Number 9 into the Michigan Countryside to Visit Virtue Cider

For Apartment Number 9's most recent shop bulletin, I took them into the Michigan countryside to visit one of the best cider producers in the country — Ryan Burk and the team at Virtue Cider. This is cider with style.

SPECIAL EVENT — Uppers & Downers with Intelligentsia and GBH


Coffee Beer — it's a way to start your day, and end it, all at the same time. It's uppers and downers in a glass. 

Ten years ago or more, the first coffee beers were undoubtedly stouts and porters — beers with a strong roast character and a charred-bean-like bitterness. Adding coffee to a beer like this seemed almost inevitable. Some of the world's greatest beers, like Three Floyds' Dark Lord and Goose Island's Bourbon County Coffee Stout, are know for turning this art into a science. LOOK AT THIS >>

Beer Advocate Magazine — Recent Collaborations

Beer Advocate is craft beer's most widely-read magazine, providing insights for consumers and producers alike. And recently, we've collaborated on a number of issues. LOOK AT THIS >>

The Way to America's Heart, Is Through Its Beer — GBH Hosts The Scotch Malt Whiskey Society

It was the middle of a Chicago heat wave. 98 degrees and 100% humidity. The air was as thick as a hot mash. Perfect drinking weather for some smoked beers, imperial stouts, and some of the finest Scotch you can imagine.  READ MORE >>



The First GBH Poster Collaboration with Andrew R. Wright

Andrew's masterful illustration work has appeared in Field & Stream, The Wall Street Journal, Wired, and The Saturday Evening Post — and now he's taken the time to help bring the concept of the "Hunter Gatherer" to life in a stunning screen print poster just in time for the end of the winter season. LOOK AT THIS >>



Apartment Number 9 x Good Beer Hunting — Telling a Chicago Craft Story

Apartment Number 9 is a company that's been holding it down for a long time. But today they're jumping back to the front of the scene with a new e-commerce site that focuses on the shop as much it does on the stories of passionate craft-focused people around them. To that end, Apartment Number 9 and I collaborated to tell the tale of a Chicagoland brewery that's also at the intersection of numerous craft cultures — Solemn Oath Brewery in Naperville — to kick off the storytelling section of the site. LOOK AT THIS >>

Solemn Oath vs. Internet. Place your bets. Back your horses.

Over the past y ear, I worked with Solemn Oath in an unprecedented manner. It was akin to being an embedded journalist more than a photographer for hire. I was there for their first brew day, their first craft beer week pours, when they wised up and brought Paul Schneider on full time as a brewer alongside Tim marshall. There were no first borns, but you get the idea. LOOK AT THIS >>

Camp Wandawega Yearbook — GBH Style Makes the Files

Timeout for a late-summer memory. The story about the first, and hopefully annual Good Beer Hunting x Buckshot Sonny's weekend away at Wandawega has been told far and wide this year. But never has it been captured so beautifully than in Camp Wandawega's own yearbook — the Style Files. LOOK AT THIS >>



Good Beer Hunting and Buckshot Sonny's — Stealing Some Friends Away To Camp Wandawega

When it came time for the first-ever Good Beer Hunting event (GBH), I had plenty of experience and friends to rely on to create something truly unique. And that's why my first move was to buddy up with my good friend Max Wastler of Buckshot Sonny's Sporting Goods (BSSG) to help shape the whole concept. We had a few things in mind. LOOK AT THIS >>



The 2012 Fall Mash Tun Fest and a Visit from S.E. Kiser, a Ghost of Chicago Beer's Past

A few hundred people filled the atrium on an especially chilly night — but what most of them didn't know was that the chill they were feeling wasn't just the breeze. At this version of the Mash Tun fest, we were bringing a ghost back to life from Chicago's past. LOOK AT THIS >>



The Making of a #MI Beer Film — Talking Beards

This month I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kevin Romeo and Jonny Jermyn of Kalamazoo-based Rhino Media Productions at Greenbush Brewing Co. These are talented guys typically in the service of music and promotional videos, but the the #MI Beer Film project they’re doing on the side is all about their passion for the region, and the incredible economic and social impact of the growing craft beer industry. LOOK AT THIS >>

Dry Hop Brewers — Planning to Stand Tall in Chicago's Lakeview Neighborhood

Greg Shuff, the young entrepreneur and beer geek behind Dry Hop Brewers, hired me to document the story of Lakeview’s soon-to-be new brewpub (just north of Intelligensia on Broadway). It’s been an epic few days of shooting, including a day at Haymarket where Brant Dubovick (formerly of Church’s in Pittsburgh) collaborated with Pete Crowley on a hefty summer beer using chamomile, grains of paradise and plenty of orange zest. That same night, the Dry Hop guys hosted a sensory class for Chicago’s standout third wave brewers, including Begyle, Spiteful, and many more. LOOK AT THIS >>



Spreading the Holiday Beer

A friend of mine, Tony Ruth of the Chicago branding firm Vessel, made a very special gift for his clients this year. With a friendly connection to the Buffalo, NY area, Tony was able to get ahold of some bottles of Souther Tier Krampus Imperial Helles Lager and Imperial Oatmeal Stout to work with.  LOOK AT THIS >>