In the midst of a sea-change, you don't just build a boat. You make the wave.  

Good Beer Hunting is crafting the story of beer around the world — not from the outside looking in, rather, from the center of the movement. GBH is an online chronicle of the most compelling people, places and products of the craft beer world. It is also a brand consultancy, storefront, and gallery space in Chicago working with some of beer's most motivated companies, developing products for the craft lifestyle, and collaborating on events for its most dedicated and curious audiences. 

Michael Kiser, Founder of Good Beer Hunting — photo by Jeff Cagle

Michael Kiser, Founder of Good Beer Hunting — photo by Jeff Cagle

Michael Kiser, writer, photographer and industry strategist

I grew up working in restaurants and factories, studied fine arts and poetry at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and worked in design and innovation as a consulting strategist for seven years on everything from consumer electronics, to consumer packaged goods, to service design for companies like Nike, Samsung, HP, Caterpillar and The Department of Defense. Now I put all this to work in the craft beer industry, helping breweries large and small plan their product portfolios, develop compelling brands, and connect with their most important audiences. 

Originally from Pennsylvania, I'm one of the lucky ones that always had a craft beer in Yuengling Lager — or as we call it back home: lager. Since moving to Chicago almost 10 years ago, I've been fortunate to see the nation's craft beer movement explode first-hand. Few cities in the country have the range in beer styles, rich brewing history, and sheer determination to work hard and build an industry like Chicago does. And I get to document this radical transition and help export its culture around the world. 

I've been all over the US, to craft-centric places like Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Denver and Boulder. I've been back east to Philadelphia, Tampa, Atlanta, and New York City. And I've been all over the Midwest, up into Wisconsin and Minnesota, west into Illinois proper, and I've worn a path to Michigan and back more times than I can count. I've also been overseas in search of great beer experiences, most recently Portugal, South Korea and Sweden where a completely different set of circumstance and influences create unique craft beer cultures we'd barely recognize, but have certainly inspired.

I hope you join me on the hunt. 

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Emily Berman grew up with a healthy respect for food preparations, observing and helping in the kitchen at every opportunity. After transplanting from Virginia to Chicago, she joined a CSA program for the first time, sparking her interest in locality and seasonality and rekindling the romance of her summers spent on her grandparents' farm. She started pushing herself to make everything she ate from scratch, spending hours upon hours, and sometimes days, prepping for dinner parties and holidays. Now a trained chef, her philosophy is simple — eat fresh, eat quality, and eat homemade — which is a perfect compliment to the craft beer movement. See more at Emily's blog, 52 Meals.

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Jeff Cagle is a freelance photographer in Chicago who tells journalistic and editorial stories for some of the regions' biggest newspapers and magazines. Sometimes he'll break your heart, and sometimes he'll lift your spirits — al with a single photo. 

He also recently took on a role managing the taproom at Penrose Brewing in Geneva, Illinois. His hometown brewery, Solemn Oath in Naperville, Illinois was where we first met — and we've been drinking and shooting together ever since. See more at Jeff's blog


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Hillary Schuster is a designer and stylist in Chicago specializing in weddings and events.  For Good Beer Hunting, she creates an endless amount of stunning collateral and helps plan special gatherings, bringing the GBH experience to life for some of my important audiences. 

She's been my travel companion for countless GBH adventures, including Sweden, Portugal, and most recently Quebec.  She hails from Grand Rapids, Michigan, recently named "Beer City USA" by Charlie Papazian's annual poll. Hillary married me in 2011, and was featured as Hunter/Gatherer #12. You can follow her design and crafting adventures on her blog.

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