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Good Beer Hunting is a critical, creative, and curious voice in the world of beer. We write about
and partner with breweries of all shapes and sizes in order to create a better future for the craft. 

Photo by Matthew Gilson

Photo by Matthew Gilson

Michael Kiser
writer, photographer, brand + product strategist

Originally from Pennsylvania, I'm one of the lucky ones that always had a good brewery in my backyard: Yuengling. Or, as we call it back home: lager.

I grew up working in restaurants and factories, studied fine arts and poetry at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and worked as an innovation strategist creating new-to-the-world products and services for companies like Nike, Samsung, HP, Adobe, Caterpillar, and Navteq. 

Now, I put all this to work in the beer industry, helping breweries large and small plan their portfolios, develop new brands, and connect with their most important audiences. 
I've been all over the U.S. collaborating with ambitious and artful brewers. This journey enables me to create Good Beer Hunting—a chronicle of my experiences—as I witness the nation's craft beer explosion firsthand.

As we begin to export our brewing culture for the first time in history, I’m connecting with audiences all over the world—most recently in Portugal, South Korea, Quebec, Sweden, Costa Rica, and the Czech Republic, where a completely different set of circumstances creates unique beer cultures we'd barely recognize, but have certainly helped inspire.

I hope you join me on the hunt. 

The Collaborators

Our network of collaborators—writers to designers, photographers to musicians—and people
that help us set up for events gets larger and more interesting every year. Here, we highlight the people who contribute on a regular basis
on both the content and studio side of GBH.   

Mike Duesenberg

Mike Duesenberg

Designer, Art director

Mike Duesenberg works alongside our strategy and creative practice to deliver compelling communications, presentations, and brand platforms. He helps make GBH and its partners look good.

See more from Mike

Kyle Kastranec

Kyle Kastranec

Storyteller, Midwest

Kyle is a GBH storyteller who reports on the midwest, especially his home state of Ohio, in both visual and written form. He's also collaborating on our newest series: "The Cultivated Beer."

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Matthew Curtis

Matthew Curtis

Storyteller, United Kingdom

Matthew is a British beer writer and photographer based in London, giving GBH a unique perspective on the British craft beer scene. He is the creator of Total Ales.

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Jordan Stalling

Jordan Stalling

Sound engineer, podcast

Jordan is the resident sound engineer for the GBH podcast. He’s also an Assistant Engineer at Particle Audio, a post-production house in the River North area of Chicago.

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Austin Ray

Austin L. Ray

Stroyteller, Southeast

Austin lives in Atlanta with his wife and two dogs, working for MailChimp by day and other folks by night and weekend. He also writes The Georgia Brewsletter.

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Katharine Uhrich

Katharine Uhrich

Content manager

Katharine Uhrich is a GBH creative manager and copy editor. She is also the marketing director at a Chicago-based book review journal.

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Cory Smith

Cory Smith

Storyteller, Northeast

Cory Smith is a GBH photographer and writer based in Brooklyn by way of Richmond, Virginia. But his recent travels as a concert photographer have taken him as far as Iceland.

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Mike Sardina

Mike Sardina

Storyteller, West Coast

Mike is a storyteller from San Diego. He is the "Ruler of the Underworld" at Societe Brewing Company, and currently serves as the President of the San Diego Brewers Guild.

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Andrew Thiiboldeaux

Andrew Thoboldeaux

Composer, musician

Andrew creates original scores for GBH videos and the podcast. He's a mountain crooner, formerly one-half of the math rock/baroque pop duo, Pattern is Movement. He lives in Philadelphia.

See more from Andrew

Hillary Schuster

Hillary Schuster

Designer, event planner

Hillary is a designer and stylist for GBH. She creates stunning collateral and helps plan special gatherings, bringing the GBH experience to life for some of our most important audiences.

See more from Hillary

Anthony Bruno

Anthony Bruno


Anthony is the GBH deveoper, helping keep our online experience ship-shape and top-notch. He also helps us hatch big ideas, so keep an eye out for some radical new shit.

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Here are just a few of the magazines, sites, and fellow storytellers that love GBH. 

The Next Web

GBH named one of the "50 email newsletters you need to know about." Have you signed up yet? Stay informed.

Lucky Peach

GBH discusses the whys and hows of the underground beer trading scene, and how it affects craft culture.

The Webby Awards

GBH is honored as one of "The Best of the Internet" in the "Culture" category from the 19th annual Webby Awards.

Popular Science

The GBH Beer Peen Hammer is selected one of PopSci's "10 Best Things" for March 2015 in their "Obsessed" column.

Brew Talks

Brewbound's Brew Talks series comes to Chicago, and GBH's Michael Kiser sits down to talk brand strategy.


Winner of Saveur's Best Wine or Beer Blog in 2013, and nominating partner for 2014’s incoming class of content all-stars.


Talking coffee, beer, and coffee beers with the Good Food show.


Named "10 Chicago Power Players You Need to Know Right Now" in the Zagat Chicago guide, alongside Kevin Heisner + Matt Eisler, Charles Joly, and Jason Vincent.

Business Insider

Market saturation, the bubble, and how it might just keep expanding.

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Named one of "15 Podcasts Every Guy Should Know" along with WTF by Marc Maron, This American Life, and Radiolab.

Podcast Thing

Michael Kiser's favorite podcasts and episodes, from beer, to raising kids, to just trying to be Okay.


The first Eat, Drink and Be Merry issue shares a GBH apartment profile of my two-flat in Chicago’s Lincoln Square neighborhood.

B&R Magazine

Bar & Restaurant magazine digs in to the tarts, sour, and acid trends happening across beer and cider.

Tasting Table

Our favorite places to drink, and be drunk, in Chicago.

Crash on

An interview about starting-up and finding balance in self-employment

One Part Plant

Jessica Murnane digs into Michael Kiser's beer-infused worldview to discover his true inspirations.

Basil Haydens

One shot, one bourbon, and one beer.
A conversation with Max Wastler.

American Spectator

Featured as one of “Four Beer Blogs You Should Read” by author Patrick Ryan.

The Michigan Beer Film

Proud to be a talking beard in one of the coolest films ever produced about craft beer by Rhino Media Productions in Kalamazoo, MI.

Outside Magazine

The online mag uses GBH as a resource for “a larger city-making story” about Chicago.


Collaboration is part of who we are. These are the brands that share an ethos with GBH,
and worked with us to create rad content and experiences for others.  

New Belgium

Creating The Slow Ride Sessions series, uniting artists and artisans around a good beer, and a good day's work.

Hand Eye Supply

Featuring "Tools, Books, and Clothing for practical purposes" — Our work-inspired stockist in Portland, Oregon.


Working to bring craft coffee and
beer cultures together with the
Uppers & Downers series of
events and experiences.


A presentation at the Apple Store on North Michigan Avenue in Chicago, about the journey of Good Beer Hunting entitled: From Passion to Platform

Camp Wandawega

Producing one-in-a-lifetime events in the nearby Wisconsin wilderness.

Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Hosting events that bring together the beer and scotch worlds through
tasting and education.


Capturing the diverse spirit of Oktoberfest in Chicago for the
Expedia Viewfinder site.


Writing, photography, and unique cultural experences with a collective
of Chicago artists.

Goose Island

Taking the Fulton & Wood series of innovative beers to a national audience through storytelling and events in America's best cities.

Mash Tun

Helping launch and sustain Chicago's academic-style craft beer journal form Maria's Packaged Goods.

Beer Camp

Rocketing across the county in Sierra Nevada's Beer Camp bus. Festivals, storytellling, special events.

Potluck Creative

Collaborating to tell compelling stories through video and photography.


Sharing the art of the perfect pour with Unison's glassware collection at a pop-up event for coffee and beer.

Brooklyn Brewery Mash

A nationwide tour for craft beer culture and art. Hosting and facilitating unique conversations for beer fans.

Beer Advocate

Cover stories, photo features, and a new monthly GBH column that takes you deep into beer scenes around the world.